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Saturday, September 18, 2010

C is for Commitment!

C is for Commitment

Commitment is a word that strikes fear in the hearts of many men, but it’s what we mothers are all about, isn’t it?

We are committed to wiping that nose, changing that diaper, singing that lullaby, kissing the boo-boo, and feeding those chubby cheeks. We make the cupcakes for school treats, we hug the hurts away, and we counsel the choices. We become “Mama Bear” when need be, and stand on the side line and cheer them on. We become super mom when the moment demands it and our children look to us as their super-heroes.

I remember when I overheard my son fighting with another boy about whose mom was the best.

“My mom can run faster than your mom.”

“Well, my mom could beat your mom up.”

“My mom can lift up a car up all by herself. Can your mom do that?”

Now my son was referring to the time I helped another mom change a flat tire. How he missed seeing me use the jack to raise the car, I’ll never know.

C is for Complacent

A couple of summers ago I was so tired from being sick that I had no energy for my kids. I remember thinking it’s okay if they watch one more TV show, I can barely move. At least I know where they are and they are safe.

That extra TV show turned into an extra two then three. When I started to feel better, I became complacent with them watching TV. They weren’t getting into trouble when some show kept their interest and I could get some work done, whether it was cleaning the kitchen or folding laundry.

What I didn’t realize was that my actions showed them that I valued the TV more than interacting with them. They didn’t seem to mind. Everyone watched together. My complacency spread to other things too. It became regular policy that if a couple kids were watching TV, the other one was on the computer. We started watching more and more and getting less and less.

When life gets busy, we tend to become complacent with our kids. We let them do and say things just because we don’t have the time or energy to step in.

C is for Conviction

Conviction comes when we again realize how important our job as mothers really is.

Break out of the TV habit or whatever complacency mode you are in right now. That first step isn’t as hard as you might think. Take five minutes and play a game of hide-and-seek or sing a song with your child. Stand outside at night before bedtime and count the stars together with your children. Remember to show them the awesomeness of God’s creation during the day.

Tell them you love them with all your heart. It is in those little moments that the greatest love happens. And in that love, you are showing them how much God loves them. In the end, that Love is far more important than clean dishes or folded clothes.

I would love to hear your stories about when love happened in the little moments of the day. Please share them!

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  1. Making lunch for my high-schooler. She can do it herself BUT she has made it clear that "acts of service" are her love language, especially ones involving feeding her :) :) and so I make her sandwich every day to say "I love you".