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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You Can Fly

I love when kids ask those questions that the rest of us are too afraid to ask…as if it would reveal something of our inner selves we don’t want other “adults” to know about us.

One of my favorite kid questions is if they’ll be able to fly when they get to heaven.

The answer is yes. YES! You will be able to fly in heaven. You won’t need wings either! 

Let’s consider the physics we know this that verify this. 

We belong to the 3rd dimension. Our bodies anyway…Our soul belongs to God. 

Orthodox Jews believe that when a person dies, their soul returns to its Maker. Christians understand this to be heaven.

If you’ve read any of my blogs on my ideas of dimensions, you know that I believe we are limited in this dimension by the physics laws that govern this universe, this dimension. One of those laws is gravity. Gravity is the force that keeps our feet on the earth. It’s what’s keeps us grounded.

But here’s the deal. Once we leave this dimension we will not be limited by the laws that define the 3D world. So in heaven, you will be able to fly.

I like to think that the only law that governs heaven is Love. True love. That kind of love incorporates everything we know to be right and just. No hate, no pain, no sin. 

Instead, we will praise and worship a loving God, honor a Savior whose sacrifice opened the gates of eternity for us, and show gratitude to the Spirit who filled us with Himself while we worked our way to that eternity. We will be on our knees, we will dance and yes…we will fly. 

Some days I can’t wait. How about you? 

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