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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

B is for Baby

B is for Baby! Of course!

B is also for bottle. Bottles and breast feeding represent comfort for babies, the time when they feel safest and most loved. We cuddle them close and our warmth surrounds them.

As they grow, our babies are weaned, either by our making or theirs. It is time for them to stretch their toes out in a sense of independence. And though they begin to drink from cups, they still cling tightly to us for that sense of encouragement, love and understanding.

B is for back breaking.

If our babies stayed little it would be no problem to continue to carry them. But also as part of God’s plan, they grow and learn to walk and run. But even a two year old still needs to be held. They long for that comfort and assurance that they are still loved. And so even though we feel those muscles in our shoulders and back feel weary, we lift them up and give them that reassurance that they are loved.

Truly, as children grow, the need for love and encouragement continues. Age brings reason, but their hearts still need a sense of belonging and to know they are loved. We now shift our hugs to more verbal and action based love. We cheer them on during sporting events, we sit cheerfully during the Christmas pageants and school plays, and we listen when someone has hurt their hearts.

But how do we let them know that as they mature, they don’t outgrow God? They see our love and commitment, but how do we make sure they see God’s? It’s not always present in our daily comings and goings…or is it?

How often do we read to them and share with them God’s Word? How do we let them know of God’s spiritual hugs?

My mother talked to us about grace. Whenever we performed some act of kindness—no matter how small—my mother reminded us that we received grace from those actions. And that grace, that intense feeling of love was an embrace from God.

What are some of the ways that you’ve shared with your children about the gift of God’s love? There are so many! Please encourage us!

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