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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


And so it begins!

A new venture for me! I’m on a “Mom” journey and I’ve started this blog because I know I’m not the only one in this stage of life. This blog is about being a mother…a blog about the joys, the hopes and the fears of being a mother.

What better way than using the ABC’s to start the process! Every week, once a week, I will post a little tidbit for thought, something that has proven useful…or not so useful in my journey. I hope you will join me. If you have ideas, or comments, please post them! We can all learn from our successes and failures AND we can all encourage each other to keep going!

A is for angel. Our children are all angels, little gifts from God.

A is also for the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End, our God.

What do these two “A’s” have in common? God has given these children to us. He’s lent them to us to help Him grow them into incredible human beings.

Sometimes it’s intimidating, isn’t it? When my oldest was born, my cousin said, “Isn’t it scary to think we’re responsible for their immortal souls?” At that moment, I thought, “What have I done! What have you done, God!”

When the panic passed, I realized that I had not only the responsibility but the promise in what God had given me. I prayed for the courage and the wisdom to nurture my child in the way He wanted.

Time passed and I kept praying. One day I picked up a magazine and read an article that suggested repeating an action with a small child helps them incorporate it into their lives. If it works with action, why not words? So I looked at my small daughter and said, “God loves you and so do I.”

Now I repeat that every day to all my children. I hope that somewhere in their hearts they've incorporated Jesus as someone who loves them.

There are days when it’s so hard I cry. There are days when I laugh. I now understand the phrase, “Live, Love, Laugh!”

But sometimes it’s hard to remember that motto. I struggle with the daily grind of preparing meals, running errands, helping with homework, driving kids to activities and dealing with the occasional emergency. I sometimes get lost in the tasks, and let my children slide. Then I remember my true calling and recommit myself to nurturing the tender young hearts in my care.

We all have our little tricks that make “mothering” easier for us and a good experience for our children. I would love to hear yours. If you have an "A" to add, please share!

Parenting is a journey, and I don’t think it was meant to be done alone.

All of us are afraid, but what we do with that fear is what defines us.

I choose courage and communication. I hope that you join me.


  1. Loretta, this is a wonderful blog format. I pray it grows and reaches everyone God intends to read and participate in it!
    Though mothering doesn't ever really end, I find myself at the other end of the rainbow or mothering... my children are all grown with children of their own. The 'A' I'll contribute is: Actions speak louder than words. You can talk to a child till you're blue in the face and pray they remember what you've instructed them. Or you can show them how it's done, whether its brushing their teeth, reading, sharing, praying, giving, forgiving - our actions speak volumes!

  2. A - A is for Admiration

    I admire all parents - who were all children/Angels and continue to be.
    I admire God - for blessing us as children and with children.
    I admire YOU - for sharing your ABC's in a Peek A Boo way and being an Angel among us all.

    A - A is for ADMIRATION